Thursday, July 14, 2011

Like a Dream

(Dress: L'overture , Shoes: Aldo, Hair bow: Vintage, Ring: Little Burgundy)

Oh hello again little darlings. During the past days, I experimented again on the photograph effect that I once did (you can see it here). I abandoned it a while back thinking that it was too blurry. However, after countless practices, I can say that I finally got it. Yes I practiced it as it is a manual effect- no editing software used. The last two photos are taken with flash. So here you go. Expect more of these in the future posts. What do you think of them?

Also, you may also be wondering why I mention brands that basically do not exist anymore- like the dress I am wearing here. I find it not fair to just say "vintage" instead of the brand. This is so because I think such beautiful things should be credited, whatever or whoever the maker is. If I do not see any, then I write vintage as I find almost everything of my things in the vintage/thrift store!

Lastly, I terribly missed you all.


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